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Process Automation


Ensuring components are correctly positioned reduces the possibility of error and costly down-time if processes have to come to a stand-still. Using measurement sensors, manufacturers can ensure the position of tools and assemblies.

The use of robots and automated processes is increasingly visible in industries across the world. Speed and less reliance on manpower is critical in many industrial processes and many of Solartron's sensors and electronics are featured within this field.

Automated insert tools


Retrofitting a gauge probe onto an insert tool to give true position feedback is easy to do and has become commonplace in many high volume mechatronic assembly applications where components may be small or fragile and it is critical that they are positioned precisely.


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Digital Probe

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Available probes:

Digital Probe

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In-Machine Gauging and Detection Products


Embedded measurement tools for in-process applications is a growing demand on the market. When a part is being milled or drilled, stopping the process for verification or controlling post process the part is a lost of time. We must keep in mind that cycles time for production is essential.



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