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Solartron Metrology Press Releases


This page shows all of Solartron Metrology's most recent and past press releases, click on the links for the full article.


WIM (Wireless Interface Module) now available

Released 2014

The Wireless Interface Module (WIM) allows communication between any PC with a Bluetooth™ connection and the Orbit® sensor network. It is possible to connect up to 150 sensors to the WIM.

SGIM (Strain Gauge Interface Module) now available

Released 2014

The SGIM accepts a wide range of 4-wire and 6-wire full-bridge strain transducers and allows them to share the Orbit® sensor network.


MODIM (Modbus Interface Module) now available

Released 2014

The Orbit® 3 system is a flexible and highly accurate measuring system that can interface with any sensor with an analogue output as well as Solartron Metrology linear measurement sensors.


WiGauge™ Inductive Charger Solartron helps it's workforce Solartron goes green

Inductive Charger now available for WiGauge™

Released 2014

Solartron has introduced an inductive charging option for it's well-established WiGauge™ wireless bore gauges.  

Solartron - named one of the best for helping it's workforce

Released 2014

Solartron Metrology named as a finalist in a national competition for helping it's employees

Solartron Goes Green

Released 2014

Solartron's latest packaging solution further reduces company’s carbon footprint.


OP/25 Orbit® LTH Arun Award

OP/25 - Press Release

Released January 2013

Solartron Metrology updates the Optimum series LVDT precision sensor range with the OP/25 sensor.


Orbit® LTH - Press release

Released July 2013

A non-contact laser for fast, high-performance gauging has been introduced by AMETEK Solartron Metrology.


Arun Award - Press Release

Released December 2012

Solartron Metrology wins 2012 business in community award for it's support of local children's charity. 

Orbit® ACS Bloodhound Thrust SSC 1997

Orbit® ACS - Press Release

Released September 2012

Solartron introduces the new Orbit® ACS instruments available in one- and two- channel configurations.

Bloodhound - Press Release

Released December 2012

Solartron Metrology sponsors Bloodhound SSC supersonic car being developed for world land speed record.

Thrust SSC 1997

Released 1997

Solarton has supplied life-saving instrumentation to Richard Noble's Thrust SSC, the car designed to attempt to break the world land speed record.

2011 Lux Award Orbit® 3 Flexure

2011 Lux Award

Released February 2011

Solartron wins quality accomplishment award.



Orbit® 3

Released 2007

Solartron Metrology’s new high speed Orbit® 3 networking system is a fast and simple way to network industrial sensors of all types.


Released 2011

Two new Flexure auges have been introduced by Solartron Metrology. The Digital and Analogue sensors can maintain their exceptionally high repeatability and resolution of less than 0.1 µm over millions of measurement cycles.



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