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Absolute Displacement Transducers LVDT


Whether a miniature displacement sensor is used within a semiconductor manufacturing process or submersible transducer is monitoring the deformation of a structure in sea water, the need for rugged and reliable sensors over long periods remains the same. Two different technologies, LVDT and Magnetostrictive, are available depending on the application. LVDT have very high resolution and Magnetostrictive is widely used in applications up to 7.6m.
Solartron has complete in-house control over all aspects of the design and manufacture of their extensive range of products, which has enabled many years' experience in providing cost effective customised solutions for OEMs and system integrators.

Digital Displacement S-Series IP68 & Submersible Sensor

Displacement Sensor S

(AS, VS, IS)

Submersible and IP68 Sensors

(SR, VR, IR)


Analogue displacement SM

DC Miniature Displacement Sensor

AC Miniature LVDT Displacement Sensors

(MD, SM, OP)

DC Miniature LVDT Displacement Sensors


 G-Type Sensors  

Alternative Technologies
Orbit® ACS
Process Automation
Test and Measurement

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