Orbit® Digital Measurement Network

Orbit Digital Measuring Network
  • Ultra flexible network for Gauging and Linear Measurement.
  • Wide range of Solartron Sensors
  • Interfaces to 3rd Party sensors
  • Contact and Non Contact Measurements
  • High Speed, fast sampling
  • Interfaces to Excel®
  • Orbit® Library – based on Microsoft .NET Framework.
  • Windows® 10, 8.1, 7 and XP in both 64 bit and 32 bit

The Orbit Digital Measuring Network provides a neat and simple solution to build a measurement system. With a wider range of Solartron sensors and modules to interface to 3rd party sensors. Higher performance does not mean higher costs. Quality standards in industry and research are becoming tighter, while demands for cost savings continue to increase. Orbit® provides the way forward for all precision measurement or positioning needs, whether on the production line or in the laboratory. Orbit® provides a complete solution for integrating different measurement position and control sensors smoothly and simply into network solutions. The Orbit® system architecture consists of a rugged mechanical design coupled with a high degree of electrical protection and excellent noise immunity, ensuring valid accurate data when it is needed. Unerring Data Collection: Good original data can be ruined by noisy signal conditioning and poor immunity from electrical interference which in turn affects the repeatability of results. Orbit® processes and transmits clean, repeatable data from sensors at high speeds of up to 3906 readings per second.