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DT/30/P - Absolute Digital Probe with

30mm Measuring Range 

Solartron is proud to present the newest addition to the Orbit Digital Probe range: DT30 30mm Digital Measuring Probes.

Arising from a need to take measurements in difficult-to-reach places on material which is easily damaged, the 30mm Digital Measuring Probes enable users to delicately take measurements in a wide variety of applications. As accurate, absolute sensor alternatives to incremental encoders, the new probes have excellent resolution and repeatability, as well as a wide measurement range. These features mean they are ideal for measuring deep holes, mechanical deformation and machined

Full Calibration over 30mm
Accurate Absolute sensor an alternative to Incremental Encoders
No position loss or overspeed issues.
Excellent Resolution and repeatability
Use to check: Deep Holes, Mechanical deformation, machined parts
Markets for use: Automotive, Aerospace, Automotive Glass, Machine Tools

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