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Orbit® ACS SI100 & SI200

SI100 & SI200


Single and Dual Channel systems for
easy connections into PLC or Automation


Solartron Metrology, the world leader in linear measurement innovation, introduces two new Orbit®3 based systems for easy, low cost connections into PLCs and process control systems. The SI100 is a single channel, stand alone system, while the SI200 also connects to an Orbit®3 probe for a two channel reading.



Integral Readout with colour LCD Display and keypad.
Set tolerance and process limits via keypad
DU1P XDetachable probe plug on housing for easy installation.
(Gauging probes, Block Gauges & Flexures only)
Replace probe with no calibration or reprogramming
Modbus output (RTU or ASCII) over RS485 or RS232
Programmable discrete I/O (4 inputs, 3 outputs)
Multiple formulas available for SI 200 (A+B, A-B, etc.)
Available with all Solartron Gauging probes, Displacement sensors, Orbit® LT, and LTH.
SI200 can stack laser with gauging probe or displacement sensor
24V DC Power Supply

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