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The Solartron Metrology Datasheets listed below, detail our comprehensive range of digital and analogue gauging probes, displacement transducers and LVDT electronics to offer more choice and flexibility.
Click on the flags to download the Datasheet in your preferred language (please note that more languages will be added soon).

If you require US Letter sized paper then please contact and we will get the datasheet reformatted.

Note: In order view these .PDF files you will need Acrobat Reader.


Catalogues Pages Size Download

Full Orbit® Catalogue
Interactive Online Catalogue

48 7 MB




Analogue Catalogue Pages Size Download

Full Analogue Catalogue

40 7.00 MB




Orbit® 3 Digital Measuring System Pages Size Download
Orbit® 3 Digital Measuring System
(Controllers, Analogue input modules, Encoder input modules, MODBUS Interface)
12 2.60 MB
Orbit® 3 MODBUS Interface Module 4 1.28 MB


Wireless Transducers Pages Size Download
WiGauge™ Wireless Bore Gauge 7 1.58 MB


Digital Contact Linear Measurement Transducers Gauging Probes Pages Size Download
Digital Linear Transducers / Digital Gauging Probes 14 2.22 MB
Digital Linear Special Measuring Transducers (Block gauges, Miniature Transducers, Flexure Transducers, Lever Probes) 16 1.93 MB
Digital Ultra High Precision Linear Encoders 6 1.07 MB
Miniature Single Leaf Flexure (DUSM) 5 2.44 MB
Transducer / Probe Tips 1 394 KB


Orbit® ACS Contact and Non-contact Linear Measurig Modules with Intergral Display Pages Size Download
Orbit® ACS - SI100 & SI200 Digital Measuring Modules 9 1.62 MB
Orbit® ACS - SI400 Digital Measuring Modules 8 1.96 MB


Laser Triangulation

Pages Size Download
Orbit® LT Digital Laser 6 1.28 MB
Orbit® LTH Digital Laser 5 1.40 MB
Orbit® LTM Digital Laser 5 1.16 MB


Analogue Gauging Pages Size Download
Analogue Datasheet 28 3.17 MB
Miniature Displacement Sensors - SM/MD/DF 5 1.13 MB


Displacement Pages Size Download
S-Series 8 1.43 MB
SR-Series 9 1.45 MB
G-Type 5 1.09 MB
Optimum Displacement Series - OP/25 4 1.11 MB


Instruments Pages Size Download
SI1000 3 977 KB
SI5500 5 1.17 MB
SI7500 3 1.02 MB


Signal Conditioning Electronics Pages Size Download
Signal Conditioning 5 1.18 MB


Line Cards Pages Size Download
Solartron General Line Card 3 2.44 MB
Electronics Line Card 3 2.33 MB
Automotive Line Card 3 2.41 MB
Process Automation Line Card 3 7.5 MB
Aerospace Line Card 3 2.37 MB




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